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Clearwater Kiteboarding was established to provide affordable, quality kiteboarding instruction for all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

My name is Brad Golomb, a Certified IKO Kitboarding Instructor, and I'm committed to bringing you the best possible instruction with the best possible equipment so you can ride safe and with satisfaction.

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Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

Brad was excellent

Having been a newcomer to the world of kiteboarding, I was so impressed with the professionalism, depth of knowledge, and overall welcoming demeanor of my instructor, Brad Golomb. I would recommend him without reservation! In fact, I look forward to returning to Florida if for no other reason than to follow up with Brad and to finish my certification.
- ricktmiller

Fantastic start to the exciting world of Kiteboarding

I had a great instructor who let me learn at my own pace as I progressed through the skills. As anxious as I was to hurry and get to the real fun stuff, Brad made sure i had a solid comprehension of all the necessary safety and skills required to move on. I am very grateful that we did not linger on any skills he was teaching me longer than necessary for me to demonstrate my complete comprehension. I had such a great time learning with Brad, he was extremely nice, easy to follow and demonstrated each new skill to make it easier to understand visually. He was always right there to let me know what I was doing wrong or in case of a safety issue. He made it very easy to learn this challenging new sport. As much as I was apprehensive about cost in this expensive sport, I am very glad that I spent the money and had such a wonderful instructor. 10/10 would fly again!
- jvanhamlin

First Kiteboarding Lesson

My primary experience with boards comes from a snowboarding background. I’ve wake boarded a few times and surfed 20 plus times along the California coast. Overall, I feel that I have a fair amount of experience on boards in general—mainly snow boards though. Nonetheless, I’ve always wanted to try kiteboarding, so living temporarily in the Tampa Bay area provided me the perfect excuse to try this sport. The instructor was awesome! Brad pushed me but was patient and encouraging at the same time—great coaching material. Also, I couldn’t be happier with the lesson and experience and I would definitely recommend an IKO certified instructor to get started. I will definitely schedule a follow-on lessons with Brad to get more experience with this sport. There is a lot to it for some who has no sailing or kite flying experience. The kiteboarding equipment was in great condition and well taken care of. This was abundantly clear by how we unpacked the gear and thoroughly inspected it as we went along. By how we unpacked and setup the gear, I could immediately tell that the instructor had excellent attention to detail and was very meticulous with his equipment. The conditions and location were great. Winds were a little light at the beginning but that gave us plenty of time to go over safety to include analyzing the weather conditions, currents, general environment features, and the gear. It was a lot to take in and it is definitely not something you can just go do and not hurt yourself…or someone else. The location was great as well, we practiced right off of a little island near the coast. No trees, power lines, or other people to worry about. There is a lot to focus on so the adding the distractions of other kiteboaders or people in general would not have been beneficial to the learning curve. Absolutely no complaints. Overall, I had a great experience out on the water learning the basics of this sport. Everything from inquiring about an instructor and wetsuit with folks at Water Sports West, to getting out on the water and flying the kite and trying to put it all together and ride. There is an extreme amount of finesse involved with this sport. Everyone involved has been great thus far and made it a very memorable experience…I’ll definitely be taking some additional lessons while temporarily living in the Tampa Bay area. Ken
- Gandalf0017

Great afternoon at Sunset Beach

Brad Friendly and knowledgeable on all the safety concerns with the hobby of Kite Boarding. He took me through all the steps on how and where to safely fly a power kite in a safe and fun manner. I would recommend Brad as an instructor to family and friends.
- alejandro1535

2nd Kiteboarding lesson

Overall, a solid lesson. The main LIMFAC was that weather didn't cooperate as the instructor and I would have liked, but there is nothing anyone can do about the winds. The equipment and location were great. Please see previous review for more details on working with Brad. I hope to get out again in the near future. Ken
- Gandalf0017

Excellent Positive Attitude

excellent positive attitude
- Robfkoch

Great lesson

Great detail in every aspect of my lesson. Valuable information and hand on training. Highly recommend, great guy!
- jkiewath

Old Dog Learning New Tricks

I can't say enough about the skill level and qualifications of my instructor and my experience. Kiting can be dangerous and my instructor pointed out everything I need to do to prevent mishaps from occurring.. Took the anxiety out of learning a new sport. Extremely fair to me when wind conditions just dropped off with only mother nature to blame. Worth every penny. I feel welcome into a new community of kite surfers. Can't wait to get out and fly!!! Teaching
- dpicard

Brad is awesome!

Brad is awesome! He took our beginner son and turned him into a true kite boarder. He practices safety at all times while making it fun. He teaches in logical steps to proficiency and doesn’t continue unnecessary lessons. He helps you strive for independence. Brad is your man!
- Patty

Fantastic instructor

Brad is a fantastic coach / instructor. I have had many lessons over the years, but Brad immediately picked up my flaws and corrected them. I have now had many advanced lessons with Brad in Clearwater, doing down winders, jumping, aerial transitions etc. I found his 1 on 1 teaching a perfect blend of patience and enthusiasm which provided a great learning experience. Being right next to you on his jet ski giving tips, my progression was phenomenal. He also provided great advice on my equipment. I only wish I had met him earlier in my kiting career. I would highly recommend him for newcomers to the sport
- Alan Barton

Superb instruction!

I've taken kiteboarding lessons with Brad for years and he always helps me improve my riding. Kite control, heel side, toe side, upwind, downwind. twin tip, surfboard, flat water, chop and waves, Brad knows it all and dispenses his wisdom in encouraging, easy-to-understand language. Safety is always first, with fun running a close second. Highly recommend.
- John Briley


Brad was a great teacher. We had suboptimal wind toward the end of the lesson which he was honest about learning potential and wanted to finish the lesson under better conditions, for my learning experience and to not waste my time which I appreciate. I definitely plan to get lessons with him again! I was still able to learn a lot and get through most of the lesson.
- Michael DeVisser

Safe, Fun and Professional

As a father and physician, I wanted to learn this new exciting adrenaline sport but wanted an instructor who prioritized safety. Brad's paramedic background provides him an awareness of the importance to follow all safety steps with no shortcuts. It has been years since I took my first kite lessons with Brad. I remember well his attention to detail and ability to work at my pace. His unwavering patience with me and pleasant demeanor made those early lessons very positive and productive. Brad was not shy about challenging me to push to the next level, but always in an encouraging and realistic manner tailored to my ability. I continue to have tons of fun kiteboarding and getting advanced tips from him. He is well-acquainted with the best kite locations locally and globally. When my daughter finally gets bit by the kiteboarding bug, with no reservation on my part Brad will be her instructor.
- Jose Santana MD


He was very professional and he knew his stuff. He also made learning how to kite fun!
- Matthew